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About Slovakia

training-termsSlovakia is an ecologically clean and picturesque country, it is a true "pearl of Europe" with amazingly beautiful natural landscapes, spectacular peaks of the High and Low Tatras, caves, geysers, crystal - clear lakes, numerous medieval castles and ancient towns, ski and thermal resorts. Slovakia is elegantly modest, confidently beautiful and home-like cozy... Slovakia is, without exaggeration, a kind of a good fairy tale, a fantasy country where everything is full of romance and antiquity. Slovakia has a well-developed infrastructure for tourism and sports which are the key to a healthy lifestyle not only for students, but for all residents and visitors to this wonderful and well-cared-for country. It is impossible not to fall in love with Slovakia! This friendly country will happily welcome you and will give you the unforgettable moments of calmness, relaxation and serenity!

4High standard of living and economic stability. Having extremely low cost of food, real estate and education, the quality of life in Slovakia is extremely high. According to the world cost of living statistics WGEO, Slovakia occupies the 36th place, followed by Poland – 37th and Lithuania - 49th place. Over the past 10 years the standard of living in Slovakia has been growing at the fastest pace within the "Visegrád Group". Of course, Slovakia today is not the brightest in the EU in economic terms, but it is a rather wealthy European country. Being "in the shadow" of the industrial Czech Republic and a prosperous "European old-timer" Austria, the Slovaks, however, do not feel to be discriminated. The Slovak Republic, speaking about the level of democracy and market economy, as evaluated by the German Bertelsmann independent agency, took the 7th place among 125 transforming states. Today's well-being of Slovakia, the "European prude", is a result of fifteen years of quiet market reforms. The Republic has excellent prospects for economic development, in the recent years it has been demonstrating the rapid growth of GDP, foreign investors actively invest in its market. According to the forecasts of the European experts, in the coming years the economic growth of Slovakia will be the fastest among the EU countries (source: World Economic Outlook).

Ability to travel to all EU countries. In 2008, Slovakia joined the Schengen agreement, which allows travelling to all member countries of the agreement without restriction. Any European country can be quickly reached from Slovakia by road, air or high-speed rail transportation. For example, it takes 40 minutes by car from the center of Bratislava to Vienna's center, it will take less than 2 hours to Budapest, less than 2.5 hours to Prague, 4 hours to Munich and 5 hours to Venice and the nearest coast of the Adriatic Sea. All transport communications within the country correspond to the high European standards.