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RP on the basis of employment


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Cost of the program: 2200 Euro.

ATTENTION!!! Our agency does not provide services in search for jobs.

In Slovakia, as well as in other EU countries, execution of a residence permit requires an employment agreement. Initially, foreigners wishing to obtain RP are engaged in search for jobs. This can be a search for jobs in the Internet, with the help of trusted acquaintances, friends or relatives, etc. Today, search in the Internet is the most convenient and informative.

We will describe the way how immigrants from Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries can execute RP in Slovakia on the basis of employment. The procedure for RP obtaining consists of several stages.


Search for jobs

When you search it is necessary to pay attention to several important points, such as provision of housing, social security, working hours, salary and conditions of its calculation, execution of an employment agreement, and other. You can also apply for a targeted position.

It is possible to send your CV directly to the employer. Qualitatively written CV attracts a large number of employers in Slovakia, every manager wants to employ a professional for his company.

One of the most common methods of employment is execution of a student RP with possibility of employment.

Having found a job, it is necessary to collect a package of documents for RP execution. Initially, the employer must prepare and sign your employment agreement. It is necessary to get acquainted with all the conditions, intricacies, disputes settlement and validity. Usually an employment agreement is valid for two or three years, then it is simply prolonged.


Employment agreement

According to the laws of Slovakia, during recruitment the company director must first consider all the Slovak candidates for the vacant post, and if none are suitable, he can hire a foreign professional. In other words, the director will have to write a letter that from the list of Slovak candidates he did not choose a suitable one, while you meet all the position requirements and parameters. That is why almost 75% of the Slovak population is registered as sole proprietors.


Execution of documents

The next stage is preparation and submission of documents for RP execution. The obligatory point is execution of a work permit, which is issued by the bureau for employment, social affairs and family. You have to submit the following documents:


Standard application

  • International passport with a valid working visa or RP ID card;
  • TIN;
  • Letter from the employer specifying why you are suitable for this position;
  • Employment agreement signed by employer;
  • Diploma or education certificate (if any) with Apostille;
  • Medical insurance.

There will be no possibility to get a work permit and then look for a job, because the permit is issued on the basis of an employment agreement with the employer. Consideration lasts for 30 days then the permit is issued. Having received it you can submit documents to the immigration police.

The list of documents for submission to the police:International passport with valid visa;
Lease agreement;

  • Extract from the real estate cadastre for the leased accommodation;
  • Employment agreement;
  • Work permit;
  • Penal clearance certificate with Apostille (translated by the Slovak certified translator);
  • Bank certificate for availability of funds;
  • State fee for RP execution;
  • Payment for execution of RP ID card;
  • Medical insurance

Validity of the first RP in Slovakia corresponds to the validity of the work permit, a maximum of two years. In order to extend RP it is necessary to extend the work permit, and it is extended on the basis of your employment agreement extension. Having an RP ID-card on the basis of employment, it is also possible to study.

Important. If you change your work you will have to pass the process for permit execution again, as the employment agreement is the basis. In case of change of the student RP for employment RP, the basis for issue of the residence permit is changed, and this procedure must be passed again.

RP ID card execution within the territory of Slovakia is 35-60 days, in Bratislava: 90 days. Having received the card, you can securely work and enjoy life in a European country.

Legal employment in Slovakia is simple. Our team will help you choose the targeted vacancy, prepare all the necessary documents and negotiate with the employer.

Extra pay:
- State fee 240 Euro
- Medical examination: 183 Euro;
- Receipt of ID card in the police: 5 Euro;
- Translation of the penal clearance certificate: 60 Euro
- Medical insurance of the local insurance company: starting from 365 Euro till 760 Euro
- Opening of a bank account: 5 Euro
- Certificate of residence registration for one year: 300 Euro


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