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RP on the basis of language learning


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Obtaining a RP on the basis of learning the Slovak language for all ages.
Learning of the Slovak language directly at the language courses in Slovakia gives great advantages for the receipt of a residence permit (RP in Slovakia). This requires a language school of the Slovak language or courses. Classes are held twice a week and last for two and a half hours. This method is one of the possibilities for a guaranteed RP in Slovakia. In addition, this option is quite economical for time resources. Examination of the applicant's documents for a student residence permit by the immigration police takes one month. This is the shortest period which exists in the consideration of the applicants for residence in Slovakia. You get a residence permit for one academic year, which is quite logical. Having a student's status you can earn money and take your family to Slovakia on the basis of reunification. There are no age restrictions.
Studying at the language courses, being already in Slovakia, you will be able to understand whether you want to live in this country. You will have to select the basis for your future stay here. What are the possible options? Continue the education at the courses up to 5-6 years or enter a Slovak University, prolonging the student status with a residence permit in Slovakia. Find a job and change the status of a student by the employment status of RP. Most often students of the language courses decide to open their business and get a certificate of a sole proprietor, changing the student RP by the entrepreneurial RP.

3First stage: preparation of the student RP.

The main task at this stage is training at the courses of the Slovak language with execution of a student RP. Students pass the following levels: A1; A2; B1; B2. If you have a certificate of B2 level in future there is a possibility to obtain the citizenship of Slovakia, having lived in the country for nine years.

Required documents:valid international passport

  • Penal clearance certificate with Apostille (notarized copy)
  • A bank certificate for availability of funds on the personal account (minimum 2,500 Euro)
  • 2 photos 3,0х3,5

Second stage
receipt of an ID card.
You can get the RP ID-card in person or issuing a proper power of attorney for one of our employees. The first RP on the basis of language learning is always issued for a term of duration of the courses.

Third stage
medical examination and execution of health insurance.
In accordance with the immigration law of Slovakia, after the receipt of the RP ID-card on the basis of language learning, within 30 days you are required to pass a compulsory medical examination, execute a health insurance, and provide the appropriate confirmation of this to the immigration police.
Medical examination can be passed only in specialized clinics within the territory of Slovakia. Medical examination includes complete blood count, blood chemistry, urinalysis and chest X-rays. The main tasks of the medical examination are to detect serious infectious and sexually transmitted diseases (AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis C and tuberculosis).
Health insurance can be executed in Slovakia or you can provide standard domestic tourist health insurance.
In case of provision of a domestic health insurance it is necessary to take into account several important requirements to such insurance. First, the insurance must be valid for one year and cover all 365 (366) days of stay abroad per year. Second, the minimum financial provision of such insurance must not be less than 30 000 Euro. Third, in the line "Territorial limits" should be marked "Slovakia" (alternatively "All EU countries" or "All Schengen countries").


Required documents:valid international passport

  • RP ID-card
  • medical insurance


  1. Official residential lease and an extract from the real estate cadastre for the residential premises.
  2. Actual residence at the specified address (at least until the receipt of the RP ID-card)
  3. Regular attendance of the courses.
  4. Availability of funds on the personal account (minimum 2,500 Euro).

 Separate charge:
- Slovak language courses: 365 Euro;
- residential lease according to the tariff rate of the estate agency and receipt of a temporary address registration: 300 Euro / year
- translation of the penal clearance certificate with Apostille by the Slovak certified translator: 60 Euro
- state fee for RP preparation: 132 Euro;
- state fee for production of RP ID-card: 5 Euro
- medical examination: 183 Euro
- cost of health insurance: starting from 365-760 Euro, depending on the insurance company and the type of insurance
- in case of domestic medical insurance, translation by the certified translator: 60 Euro
- opening of a bank account: 10 Euro
- translation of the penal clearance certificate: 60 Euro

Our services at all stages:

- preparation of all documents for RP execution
- translation of the penal clearance certificate with Apostille by the Slovak certified translator
- assistance in preparation of a lease agreement
- obtaining an extract from the real estate cadastre for the rented accommodation
- opening of a personal account in a Slovak bank
- support at the immigration police
- support at the clinic for medical examination
- assistance in preparation of the insurance agreement
- submission of all certificates to the immigration police in Slovakia.


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