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Student RP


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Europa Stars Company offers services in preparation of all the necessary documents for the receipt of a student RP. Its execution is mandatory for education on the territory of Slovakia.
Validity of the student residence permit: from one to six years, depending on the chosen degree of education (Bachelor, Master and other). For students of most universities up to the Bachelor level it is issued for three years with the possibility of extension. The reason for extension is the successful passing of the exams at the end of the academic year, as well as absence of breach of the law in the European Union.
On the basis of education students with RP are allowed to be officially employed. Students have the right for a 50 % discount on hotel accommodation, urban, intercity and international transportation, visits to museums, exhibitions and other. These rights are granted to all students, without exception: Slovak, European and students from other countries.
Cost of student RP execution in Slovakia (Bratislava): 800 Euro!


3The cost includes the following:

  • Layer services in preparation of documents for RP;
  • Support at the immigration police

List of the required documents:

  • Penal clearance certificate with Apostille;
  • Lease agreement, extract from the real estate cadastre or confirmation from a university for provision of a boarding house;
  • Passing of the medical examination;
  • Medical insurance (domestic insurance or it is possible to acquire a Slovak one);
  • Bank certificate for availability of funds on the personal account (minimum 2,400 Euro);

Extra pay:

  • State fee: 99.90 Euro;
  • Execution of ID card: 5 Euro;
  • Medical examination: 183 Euro;
  • Translation of the penal clearance certificate: 60 Euro
  • Medical insurance (if required);
  • Translation of the penal clearance certificate with Apostille: (50 Euro);
  • Nostrification of a diploma or certificate (cost depends on the selected university).
  • Translation of a medical insurance of Russian or Ukrainian kind: 60 Euro
  • Nostrification of a diploma: 300 Euro
  • Opening of a bank account in Slovakia: 5 Euro

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